As revealed earlier this month, BMW is charging ahead in their major electric transformation with the Neue Klasse family of cars. In 2025, we will get the second-generation BMW iX3 – only this time based on Neue Klasse – followed a year later by the BMW i3 Sedan. Consequently, we will see a new BMW i4 – also based on Neue Klasse – and a series of M cars based on the same architecture. Among the exciting prospects on the horizon is the BMW i2 Coupe. In this article, we delve into a futuristic rendering of a BMW i2 Coupe and explore how it showcases the evolving design language of the Neue Klasse.

BMW i2 Coupe Could Be A Looker

BMW’s 2 Series Coupe has traditionally boasted a distinct design identity compared to the 3 and 4 Series models, so we expect a future i2 Coupe to be somewhat different from an i3 or i4. The rendering of the BMW i2 Coupe by Photoshop expert Theo Throttle is a captivating blend of the 2 Series Coupe’s classic proportions with the futuristic aesthetics of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse. The result is a crisp and athletic design that will likely resonate with fans of the 2 Series while introducing them to the exciting possibilities of the Neue Klasse platform.

This BMW i2 Coupe rendering features a shorter wheelbase than the Vision Neue Klasse Concept, with tight overhangs and a long hood. Of course, the roofline is typical to a coupe, yet it works even better on this rendering with the upright and short boot. The front-end retains most of the design cues from the concept car with the double lights, the digital kidney and the shark nose. Naturally, the rear-end hasn’t changed much from the original Vision Neue Klasse – double lights as well and a light bar across the entire trunk. The diffuser is also quite aggressive in design, sans exhaust pipes.

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BMW i2 Coupe Yet To Be Approved

Certainly, it’s essential to clarify that the futuristic BMW i2 Coupe rendering we’ve discussed is, in reality, a creative exercise by an independent sketch artist. Our trusted sources indicate that as of now, the official approval for the production of a BMW i2 Coupe has not been granted. In fact, there could be a production hiatus following the conclusion of the current 2 Series lifecycle in 2029.

However, before enthusiasts can anticipate the electric coupe, there may be a different offering on the horizon, namely the BMW i2 Gran Coupe, internally referred to as codename NB2. This potential model could potentially debut as early as fall 2028. Nevertheless, the strong likelihood remains that the BMW 2 Series Coupe will see another generation, and it’s probable that it will be underpinned by the innovative Neue Klasse platform.

The BMW 2 Series Coupe has proven its enduring popularity among BMW enthusiasts, and it has also provided the foundation for the highly acclaimed BMW M2. This legacy suggests that BMW is keen on continuing the tradition of the 2 Series Coupe, possibly with a Neue Klasse-inspired design, ensuring that fans of this iconic model will have much to look forward to in the years ahead.

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