BMW is developing a new electric sedan that is expected to debut in 2025. The car will be based on the new BMW Vision Neue Klasse Concept, which was unveiled in June 2023. While the concept itself is unique and futuristic, rendering artists have taken it a step further, providing us with a sneak peek at what the 2025 BMW i3 electric sedan could look like. These renders blend the visionary elements of the Vision Neue Klasse with practical, production-ready features, creating a design exercise that sparks the imagination.

A Fusion of Visionary and Practical Design

The 2025 BMW i3 electric sedan renders are a blend of the futuristic aesthetic of the Vision Neue Klasse Concept and elements suitable for a production vehicle. One of the notable changes is the front-end transformation, with a less digital kidney grille and a standard hood. The front bumper has been adapted for production, less aggressive in styling yet aerodynamic. Of course, it retains the iconic BMW design elements – kidney grille and double lights – while optimizing them for real-world driving conditions.

In the spirit of practicality, the renders offer two options for the side profile: one with sensor-activated doors that eliminate traditional handles and another featuring door handles, akin to the current BMW i4 and iX models. Of course, none of these solutions are set in stone and according to the BMW chief designer, they might be working on some innovative solutions.

Simplifying the Details

In refining the design, the renders have made subtle yet impactful changes. The e-ink frame around the doors and Hofmeister Kink, while impressive in the concept, has been replaced by a black trim, providing a sleeker and more production-friendly approach. The all-glass roof, as seen in the Vision Neue Klasse, has been transformed into a more conventional panoramic roof. This adaptation is likely driven by practical considerations, ensuring that the roof design remains compatible with structural and safety requirements while still offering an open and spacious feel.

A Bold Rear End

The rear end of the 2025 BMW i3 electric sedan renders embraces the distinctive features of electric vehicles. The diffuser is not only functional but also adds an aggressive touch to the design, hinting at the car’s performance capabilities. Perhaps one of the most captivating design elements is the incorporation of the double lights from the Vision Neue Klasse into the taillights. The light bar, a signature feature of the Vision Neue Klasse, has also undergone slight changes, adapting it for practicality without sacrificing its visual appeal.

A Design Exercise with Uncertainties

It’s important to note that these renders are, at their core, a design exercise. The final form of the 2025 BMW i3 Neue Klasse may differ from what these images suggest. The design process is dynamic and subject to various factors, including regulatory requirements, engineering constraints, and market feedback. And from what we know, the final design has not been yet “frozen” which means many things can still change.

But one thing is certain though: this is the future BMW design language and one that will change the company forever. First Neue Klasse car will arrive in 2025 in the form of the BMW iX3, followed a year later by the BMW i3 electric sedan.