BMW i3

BMW works council would like an electric-only platform

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Video: BMW Head of Design talks BMW i3 Urban Suite

The BMW i3 Urban Suite was unveiled in January as a show project for the Consumer Electronics Show. It was a way of showcasing the versatility of the BMW i3 and how interior space can…

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BMW could double i3 production, if demand asks for

As the BMW i8 production comes to a halt, the i3 electric vehicle will continue to hold the torch for the “i” electrified division. BMW has announced before that they have no plans to build…

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Video: BMW i3 assembly video is absolutely mesmerizing

Videos from inside production plants of various car makers are nothing new. We’ve seen them in spades over the years. However, when it comes to electric vehicles, it’s a bit of a different story. That’s…

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VIDEO: Which is Faster — BMW i3 or MINI Cooper SE?

BMW has a lot of competition in the EV market, with brands like Tesla, Chevrolet, Audi and now even Honda all swimming in the EV waters. However, is there a bit of an intra-BMW Group…