BMW i3

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Would the BMW i3 be Fun With an Engine Swap?

There seems to be an interesting trend beginning among car YouTubers, in which they take an electric car, typically a Tesla Model S, and swap its electric powertrain for a powerful gas engine. To be…

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BMW i3 Sedan allegedly leaked from China

Ahead of its market launch, the first-ever BMW i3 sedan has allegedly leaked from China. The electric BMW 3 Series sedan has been rumored for years, but this is the first time we get to…

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Used Buyer’s Guide: BMW i3 — Best Electric Value

Even when the BMW i3 was new, it was sort of behind the times, in terms of range, power, efficiency, and cabin technology. Since it only received small upgrades over the years, it never really…

Rendering: What A Future BMW i3 Could Look Like

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Autocar’s 2071 Classic Car List Features Two BMWs

Car collectors are always looking for future classics; cars to invest in now that will hopefully be worth considerably more than what they paid for it, many years later. It’s hard to look decades ahead,…

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Is Buying a Used BMW i3 a Good Idea?

In the U.S. market, you can find a used BMW i3 with low-ish miles for under $15,000 fairly easily. You might have to drive out of state to get it but a quick search for…

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Top Five Most Underrated Modern BMW Models

Without question, BMW is one of the most premium and desirable automotive brands in the world. There’s a reason why blue and white Roundels fill the driveways of Suburbia. However, that doesn’t mean that all…