It was an eventful sunny day back in April for BMW as the M division brought no fewer than four cars to the Nürburgring for a series of hot laps. We’ve already established the new M2 has been crowned the fastest production car in the compact segment around the Green Hell but one of the performance vehicles tested has yet to be formally unveiled.

BMW vaguely calls it the M Prototype but we think we know better. We’re fairly certain it’s the M4 CS coming out next year. Although the lap time is not specified, the hot coupe has managed to go faster around the ‘Ring than the all-mighty M4 CSL (7:18.137). How is that possible? It’s a good question considering the CSL is slightly lighter after deleting the rear seats. The only logical explanation we can think of is the addition of xDrive compared to the CSL’s rear-wheel-drive layout.

Just like the M3 CS super sedan unveiled at the beginning of the year, the M4 CS will have CSL levels of power by matching the 543-hp output of the hardcore two-seater coupe. Recent spy shots have indicated it will have different headlights with sharper-looking daytime running lights, which might be a sign the CS will be based on the M4’s Life Cycle Impulse due in 2024. The M3 Sedan and M3 Touring could also get the LCI treatment around the same time as prototypes have already been caught testing.

Since the debut is still several months away, BMW isn’t ready to talk about the M4 CS. We’re expecting it to have limited availability, similar to the M3 CS set to be produced in 1,700 to 2,000 units over the course of 12 months. As for pricing, prepare to pony up some extra cash compared to the equivalent sedan, available in the United States from $118,700 MSRP, plus $995 for destination and handling fees.

The only BMW we can think of that could potentially go faster around the Nürburgring is an xDrive-equipped M2. However, our sources have told us an all-paw version of the record-breaking compact M car won’t come out sooner than 2026.

Source: BMW M / YouTube