CarBuzz reported earlier this week that the new G87 BMW M2 will get some Individual colors next year. The confirmation allegedly came from BMW of North America. Of course, the news are hardly a surprise. We posted a few weeks ago that BMW M2 will get some new colors in 2024. But there is a twist in this new report. For starters, the G87 BMW M2 will NOT get the entire BMW Individual catalog of colors. Instead, a selected number of colors will be made available in the official BMW M2 configurator.

A Limited Number of Individual Colors

We reported in the past on some of them, but today, we can add a couple more to that list: Grigio Telesto, Java Green and a purple shade. The previously reported on M2 colors are: Sao Paulo Yellow, Fire Red, Skyscraper Grey and Voodoo Blue. Of course, Alpine White, Black Sapphire, Zandvoort Blue, Brooklyn Grey and Toronto Red will continue to be offered, as well as Portimao Frozen Blue and Frozen Pure Grey.

The addition of new colors won’t happen though in Model Year 2024. Instead, the production change will take place in August 2024 therefore the ordering guides in the United States will refer to the M2 as the Model Year 2025. There is also the possibility that the San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico might expand its capabilities to offer the complete range of BMW Individual colors in the future. But for now, we are told the color palette will still be fairly limited.

By expanding color options, BMW will certainly boost sales and empower customers to uniquely personalize the new M2. These unique colors unlock a realm of limitless customization possibilities. And thankfully, BMW has plenty of exciting colors to offer with their Individual offerings.

More Power

Of course, the biggest news for us in 2024 is the power increase of the M2. According to sources, the G87 M2 will deliver 480 PS which translates to around 473 horsepower. There’s no word about a torque increase over the current 406 pound-feet (550 Newton-meters). It’s worth mentioning that the enhanced S58 engine configuration is intended for the standard M2 variant, without the “Competition” designation.

There is no BMW M2 xDrive variant for Model Year 2025 either. The all-wheel drive M2 will arrive at a later date.