New color options could include Sao Paulo Yellow and Mineral Red (Fire Red)

In 2024, the G87 BMW M2 is set to receive an enhanced power boost, accompanied by a selection of fresh color options. Reliable insider ynguldy has revealed that starting from August 2024, the G87 M2 models are likely to offer new paint choices such as Sao Paulo Yellow, Mineral Red, and a potential Skyscraper Gray variant. Although the inclusion of Skyscraper Gray is not yet confirmed, BMW appears to be expanding the color range for the G87 M2, introducing eye-catching options like Java Green (a vibrant green shade), a cool blue hue from the M color palette (Voodoo Blue), and Fire Red (a sophisticated new red tone). We’re also hearing that a purple might be offered as well. At the same time, there is a chance that BMW may introduce even more new colors. It’s important to note that BMW’s plans are subject to change before they reach the production stage.

BMW M has promised to introduce new colors in the future

Critics have voiced concerns about the limited color options available for the new BMW M2, with only Black Sapphire and Toronto Red receiving praise. This limited selection is considered disappointing for an M car, as the M Division has traditionally offered a wide range of captivating colors, including pale yellows and metallic purples. However, earlier this year, BMW M has provided assurance that new colors will be introduced in the future. Recently, BMW made an announcement stating that the M2 will soon be available in two additional color options. However, enthusiasts anticipating the return of the iconic colors will have to exercise patience, as the newly introduced shades are Frozen Pure Grey and Frozen Portimao Blue.

There is a possibility that the San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico might expand its capabilities to offer the complete range of BMW Individual colors in the future. At present, it is reportedly unable to provide this option for the G87 M2. By broadening the available color palette, BMW would not only enhance its sales potential but also enable customers to personalize the new M2 in unprecedented ways, opening up a realm of limitless customization possibilities.

Engine output will increase to 480 PS (473 horsepower)

Of course, the biggest news for us in 2024 is the power increase of the M2. According to sources, the G87 M2 will deliver 480 PS which translates to around 473 horsepower. There’s no word about a torque increase over the current 406 pound-feet (550 Newton-meters). It’s worth mentioning that the enhanced S58 engine configuration is intended for the standard M2 variant, without the “Competition” designation. With the base model already tuned to a robust 474 horsepower, it’s highly likely that the upcoming CS variant, which has already been spotted, will surpass the 500-horsepower mark. As previously indicated, our estimations suggest that the Clubsport edition will boast a power output ranging from approximately 518 to 522 horsepower.

In conclusion, there are increasing indications that a BMW M2 xDrive variant is being considered for future release. It is important to note that the timing of its introduction is expected to be after the release of the M2 CS, which is projected to debut in mid-2025. Therefore, we can anticipate the possibility of an all-wheel-drive version joining the lineup no earlier than 2026.