$3,400 can purchase a first-class ticket to your very own Carnegie Hall quality theater in your BMW iX. Furthermore, activating the massaging seats would transform your daily commute into a perfect experience. The iX offers the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System (SA 6F1), a top-tier sound system. However, two other sound systems are also available: HiFi & Top HiFi Harman Kardon (SA 688).

Unparalleled Sound System Design

The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System marks the first utilization of 30 speakers in a BMW sound system. These encompass 17 mid-range speakers (21 watts, 4 ohms), 4 bass speakers (250 watts, 8 ohms), 5 tweeters (25 watts, 4 ohms), and four 4D audio shakers. Strategically positioned throughout the vehicle’s cabin, these speakers ensure exceptional sound quality. The system accompanies the BMW Operating System 8 and includes a 7-band equalizer, four sound modes (Studio, Lounge, On Stage, and Concert), and numerous personalization options via the “Sound” menu.

Each bass speaker individually receives audio signals via its dedicated audio driver circuit. Additionally, the shared audio output stage powers the channels for the mid-range speakers and tweeters. Tweeters are connected in parallel with the mid-range speakers. Due to their smaller diaphragms compared to the bass speakers, tweeters and mid-range speakers can oscillate at higher rates, accurately reproducing higher frequencies.

Unveiling Front Seat Innovations

Equipped with the Bowers & Wilkins high-end system, the iX front seats boast two special features: Headrest speakers and 4D audio shakers. These headrest speakers in the front and rear seats create an individualized surround sound experience for all occupants. Additionally, the headliner integrates extra mid-range speakers for the first time. Four 4D audio shakers in the front seats, equipped with built-in swinging magnets, transmit music signals through oscillations, enhancing the low-end experience for the driver and passenger even at lower volumes. These shakers effectively stimulate passengers’ hearing, resulting in a unique bass encounter in the iX.

In the second-row seats, headrest speakers replace the speakers in the D-pillar. The two central bass speakers under the front seats, along with the subwoofers beneath the rear seat, manage the entire bass spectrum. Utilizing the free air principle, the rear subwoofers maximize underfloor resonance, significantly augmenting the bass feeling on tracks with deep frequencies. The mid-range and bass speakers are constructed with advanced materials to achieve clear voices, high fidelity, and distinct bass tones.

The diamond dome high-range speakers, featuring a special coating, transmit frequencies beyond human hearing range, ensuring remarkable clarity. Nautilus spiral diffusers on the tweeters prevent undesirable noise from reaching listeners. Altogether, this high-end sound system justifies its $3,400 price tag. I’ve experienced multiple tracks, spanning from Hip-Hop to Rock & Roll and Indie, in the iX M60, and the audio quality remains impeccable.

The partnership between BMW and Bowers & Wilkins is a truly harmonious one.