BMW had a great second quarter in the United States where deliveries to customers rose by 11.5% to 87,948 units. A more in-depth look at the numbers shows some surprising changes as demand for the X3 plummeted by 32.5% while its swoopy sibling, the X4, suffered a 28.8% decline. The larger X5, X6, and X7 also had fewer customers than in the second quarter of 2022 while the iX was up by 282.5% to 4,135 units. Fueled by the arrival of the new generation, the X1 enjoyed an impressive 138.4% hike to 4,032 compact crossovers.

But how did the Internet’s least favorite BMW SUV fare? Well, that depends on who you’re asking. Deliveries of the dedicated M model amounted to 762 units or 328 more than in the previous quarter. However, it’s not a fair comparison since BMW didn’t start deliveries of the XM on January 1 as the first customers got their SUVs later in the year, so it wasn’t a full quarter.

The XM wasn’t the slowest-selling product between April and June as the X2 brought in the fewest customers. Only 63 people bought the compact crossover codenamed F39, which hasn’t been in production since last year. Its replacement, known internally as U10, will be introduced late this year when it’ll be joined by the fully electric iX2.

Not necessarily surprising but sad to see nevertheless, the Z4 was nearly at the bottom of the sales chart with 724 units. Seeing the glass half full, that’s still a significant 51.8% improvement over Q2 2022. The sporty roadster is on its last legs as production at Magna Steyr’s plant in Graz, Austria will allegedly end in March 2026, but not before an M40i with a manual gearbox arrives next year, or so we’ve heard.

As for the other cars, the adjacent sales chart shows demand for the 4 Series blossomed by 107.1% to 13,765 units while the outgoing 5 Series also had a strong second quarter, with 7,303 units (+75.3%). The 3 Series also had a solid Q2 when 7,665 cars were sold, representing an increase of 24.1%. Overall, the X5 was the best-selling BMW, despite a 2.5% drop to 18,575 units.

Source: BMW