Door pins are somewhat of a relic among modern cars, but BMW is among the few brands that still use them. Not only that, but you can upgrade from the standard set to a fancier one with M Performance branding. Cue the +5 horsepower for each door pin joke. These are part of the vast catalog of M accessories available for even the lesser cars, including non-M models. From valve caps and LED door projectors, there are lots of ways to accessories your beloved BMW with frivolous items.

After self-leveling center wheel caps, BMW’s “How To” series on YouTube is back to show how to install M Performance door pins. It’s worth noting they’re not compatible with all models since some cars don’t have exchangeable locking door pins. In addition, the installation method varies from one model to another. Generally, the X crossovers have them screwed onto the metal lever core. In other models, you can just pull it off.

The video tutorial shows how to give your car a “touch of race track to your applicable BMW model.”  The first order of business is to thoroughly clean the factory-fitted ones before using the provided grip tape to yank them off. Depending on the model, these can be easily screwed out counterclockwise. After that, you’ll have to pull the door handle to create counter-pressure before putting the M Performance door pin.

The anodized aluminum door pin has the three familiar colors next to “the most powerful letter in the world”. With the M division celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022, these are a neat way to celebrate the milestone. To signal this occasion, the original BMW Motorsport logo is coming back this year for all M and M Performance cars.

Should you want this visual upgrade for your car, it carries the ” 51955A368C7″ part number. BMW Singapore has it listed as being compatible with the following latest-generation models: 2 Series, 3 Series Sedan, X3 / X3 M / iX3, 4 Series Coupe / Gran Coupe / Convertible, X4 / X4 M, Z4, and i4.

Source: BMW