BMW has unveiled the latest iteration of its 5 Series, marking the arrival of the eighth generation. As anticipated, this new lineup places a strong emphasis on electric vehicles. Leading the charge within the G60 family are the impressive BMW i5 eDrive40 and i5 M60 xDrive models, which serve as the standout offerings. The former is a rear-wheel drive electric sedan while the latter will sit at the top of the lineup with its all-wheel drive setup. But BMW might have one more ace up their sleeve: an all-wheel drive BMW i5 xDrive40.

Around 400 horsepower

Although the initial press release did not include details about that particular model, insiders indicate that it may make its debut in the spring of 2024. Similar to its siblings, the BMW i5 xDrive40 will utilize the same Gen5 battery technology and CLAR architecture. Most notably, it will mirror the impressive performance and specifications of the recently announced BMW i4 xDrive40. In that particular spec, it boasts dual electric motors generating a combined 396 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. So it’s likely that the same drivetrain will be used in the i5 xDrive40 as well.

Considering the weight difference, it is expected that the BMW i5 xDrive40, being a larger vehicle, will likely have a slightly lower electric range compared to its i4 counterpart. The i4 model is currently rated at 307 miles of range when equipped with the standard 18-inch aerodynamically-optimized wheels, and 282 miles with the optional 19-inch wheels.

Arriving Spring 2024

While further specifics remain undisclosed, the introduction of a BMW i5 xDrive40 will undoubtedly be greeted warmly by the BMW electric enthusiast community. The 2024 BMW i5 is slated to debut in the United States, available in eDrive40 and M60 xDrive variants, with starting prices of $67,795 and $85,095 respectively. As such, an all-wheel drive i5 xDrive40 would likely fall within the price range between the two mentioned models. A far more affordable all-year round EV than the powerful, yet expensive i5 M60.