BMW has already given us an idea of how it will revamp its interiors from 2025 when the first Neue Klasse models will go on sale. With the i Vision Dee concept shown in January at CES in Las Vegas, we caught a glimpse of a completely new and heavily customizable head-up display nearly as wide as the dashboard. The subsequent production version is going to be called the BMW Panoramic Vision, according to chairman Oliver Zipse.

Head of development Frank Weber provided some preliminary details about the new technology, which he says will turn the windscreen into a massive display. The driver will be able to change the information displayed in their own field of vision and share it with the front passenger. The BMW Panoramic Vision should reduce the risk of an accident since it’ll be located directly in the line of sight.

The more important information will be prioritized by showing it in a higher light and contrast on a dark-coated area at the bottom of the windscreen. Doing so creates a sharp image that will always be visible across the entire width of the windscreen, without having to navigate through submenus. It already sounds less distracting than using a conventional touchscreen.

Speaking of today’s infotainment systems being distracting, we should remind you that Oliver Zipse believes they’ll be gone in 10 years’ time. BMW’s boss told Automotive News Europe at CES these massive screens might even be banned early in the next decade: “In 10 years, that is gone. Probably the regulator will not allow it.”

More details about the head-up display will be disclosed at IAA Munich in September when BMW intends to provide another preview of the Neue Klasse. It’s unclear whether it’ll be a new concept and/or an evolution of the i Vision Dee. We do know the first road-going models on the new underpinnings will be a sedan and a crossover in the 3 Series class. At least six EVs on this platform will be released by 2028.

Source: BMW