The BMW 8 Series, a model often misunderstood, has struggled over the year to achieve widespread success primarily due to its high price point. Introduced in 2019 as BMW’s flagship coupe, the 8 Series has seen limited changes over the years with a mild facelift in 2022. So it comes as no surprise that BMW is looking to infuse some life into the sales of this gran tourer.

According to a bulletin BMW sent to dealers at the beginning of the month, the 2025 8 Series is now available with significant discounts through July. Regular 8 Series models come with a $3,000 Lease Credit and Purchase Credit, while the high-performance M8 model enjoys an even larger discount of $4,000. Additionally, all versions of the 8 Series are eligible for a $1,500 loyalty discount, bringing the maximum potential savings up to $5,500. These national offers are available until July 31, 2024.

It’s not unusual to see substantial discounts towards the end of a product cycle. Ultimately, every OEM aims to recoup as much as possible from their initial investment. This is likely the case with the BMW 8 Series which, not surprisingly, it was often praised for its driving dynamics, luxury and design. But all of that came with a high price tag. For example, the 2025 BMW M850i xDrive Coupe starts at $106,300 while the M8 Competition is priced at $138,800.

Production of the current 8 Series is scheduled to end in 2026, and BMW appears to be undecided about the future of this lineup. Rumors suggest that the only new addition to the 8 Series lineup might be a new Gran Coupe model expected in 2029, which could also introduce an electric variant.

As BMW looks to possibly streamline its lineup, now could be the perfect time to invest in an 8 Series, taking advantage of the significant savings available until the end of July. For those who have admired the 8 Series from afar, these discounts provide a perfect opportunity to bring home this flagship model.

[Source: CarsDirect]