With the release of the new M2 G87, BMW has opened the floodgates for tuners to develop aftermarket packages tailored to the Bavarian sports coupe. Alpha-N Performance is among the third parties that will happily customize your rear-wheel-drive machine with one of its appearance packages. Yes, we’re using the plural because the Rheinbach-based specialist has developed not one but two kits.

We’ll begin with what we think is the more interesting of the two since it takes after the M3 GT E36 with its British Racing Green paint and rear wing. Known as the M2 GT, it’s one of the most extreme packages we’ve seen so far for the second-generation M2 as it has everything from vented fenders to a front spoiler with an adjustable splitter. The hood, grille, diffuser, and engine cover are all made from carbon fiber while the Edelweiss wheels have a champagne color to contrast with the green body.


If that’s too extreme, Project Silver gives the new M2 some CSL-derived parts, chief of which is the integrated trunk lid spoiler. Recent spy shots have revealed this retro design cue is coming straight from BMW for the M2 CS due to arrive at some point in 2025. If you can’t wait until then, Alpha-N Performance can give the regular M2 a CSL-esque rear.

Much like the so-called M2 GT, Project Silver also boasts an assortment of carbon body parts. The hood, front spoiler, diffuser, and engine cover are all made from the same lightweight material, much like the blades on the front fenders. The tuner opted to showcase this build with a different set of ProLine wheels finished in black.

M2 CSL Design

Should you want an M2 with more aggressive styling directly from BMW, look no further than the M Performance Parts. At the 2022 Essen Motor Show, the M division showcased a wild G87 build decked out with a plethora of cosmetic tweaks for those who find the standard car too mundane. One of the most interesting features was the centerlock wheel design, which was also offered for the sold-out 3.0 CSL.

Here is the full parts list:


  • ALPHA-N Carbon Frontspoiler CLASS III with adjustable Splitter
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Grill
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Hood with Insert
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Fender with Vent and Blade Variante 4
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Wing CLASS III
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Gurneys
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Diffusor
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Underfloor
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Engine Cover
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Brake Ducts
  • Öhlins Road & Track Suspension with Top Mounts
  • Edelweiss Wheels 20/20 or 20/21 Color Champagner
  • CanChecked Display

M2 G87 Project “Silver”

  • ALPHA-N Carbon Frontspoiler Clubsport with Vents
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Grill
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Hood with Insert
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Fender with Blade V2
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Trunk „CSL“
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Diffusor
  • ALPHA-N Carbon Engine Cover
  • Öhlins Road & Track Suspension
  • ProLine Wheels 9,5 x 20 ET22 and 10,5 x 21 ET20

Source: Alpha-N Performance / Contact and Orders : support@alpha-n.de