Update: Our own sources say that an X3 M50e is unlikely. BMW is allegedly planning only an X3 M50 and X3 xDrive30e model. Although the new X3 has been spied on multiple occasions already, the G45-generation luxury crossover is not expected to enter production until August 2024. When that happens, expect a vast lineup as a BMW insider from the Bimmer Post forums has it on good authority there will be plenty of versions to choose from, including one that hasn’t been offered before.

It is believed the Bavarian brand intends to launch an X3 M50e xDrive as a plug-in hybrid M Performance derivative offered alongside a gasoline-only M50. The latter will replace today’s M40 and is expected to lose the “i” at the end of the name, much like the next-generation 1 Series gasoline models. The lesser X3 gas models are also reportedly doing away with the “i” by simply being called 20, 20 xDrive, and 30 xDrive.

Photo by instagram.com/wilcoblok

The diesel X3s will retain the “d” at the end of their designation and are said to come in 20d xDrive and 40d xDrive. There’s no word at this point about a new M40d xDrive but don’t be too surprised if it’s going away since performance diesels are a niche. With increasingly stringent emissions regulations, it’s getting harder for BMW to justify the existence of diesel M Performance cars. As a refresher, the bigger M50d models have already been retired.

Beyond the ICE-powered flavors, there will also be a fully electric iX3 but on a different platform. Rather than using the same CLAR architecture as today’s model, the future zero-emission crossover will switch to the Neue Klasse scheduled to land in 2025. BMW is believed to be pushing its Mercedes GLC competitor upmarket by using better materials on the inside. A CLAR-based plug-in hybrid dubbed X3 30e xDrive is rumored.

According to the same insider, there are still plans for a full-fat X3 M with a combustion engine. It’s allegedly carrying the “G97” codename but we don’t know what will power it. The M division has said it’ll keep the inline-six engine until at least the end of the decade, so the flagship variant should still have six cylinders under the hood. Some form of electrification is expected, a mild-hybrid setup at the very least.

Source: Bimmer Post