It’s rare we have the opportunity to talk about a modified vehicle with a diesel engine in 2023, especially one engineered with performance in mind. The BMW X3 M40d is a niche model, but despite its limited appeal, it hasn’t stopped 3D Design from spending resources to develop an aftermarket package. The Japanese tuner worked on the facelifted version introduced nearly two years ago and gave it a meaner attitude.

The X3 M40d might not be a full-fat M car, but the aftermarket specialist gave it a quad exhaust system for a more aggressive rear. As a matter of fact, M Performance models with four tips are already coming straight from the BMW factory, with the M760e leading the way and the X1 M35i to follow soon. 3D Design mentions it’s offering the imposing exhaust design on the lesser X3 xDrive20d as well although that would be overkill on a diesel four-cylinder crossover.

The coilover kit fitted to this X3 is only available at home in Japan but the tuner says it has engineered a lowering kit for the M40d and 20d for international customers.  The crossover they’ve decided to highlight sits on custom 21-inch wheels illustrated with silver and black finishes. Those chunky side skirts and roof-mounted spoiler can be had for both the M Performance and regular iterations of the popular crossover. Other niceties include a prominent front spoiler and a redesigned diffuser flanked by the quad exhaust tips.

3D Design hasn’t worked on the engine, a straight-six 3.0-liter “B57” that pushes out 315 horsepower (235 kilowatts) and 680 Newton-meters (502 pound-feet) of torque. Those in need of more oomph can step up to the ALPINA XD3 with its quad-turbo engine making 394 hp (290 kW) and a massive 800 Nm (590 lb-ft).

Given how increasingly stricter emissions regulations are becoming, the X3 M40d and X4 M40d along with their equivalent ALPINA versions are part of a dying breed. If you’re a fan of diesel performance vehicles, you probably have a few more years to buy one before they’ll go extinct.

Source: 3D Design