The third-generation 1 Series (F40) came out in 2019, and while BMW’s modus operandi would tempt you into believing a Life Cycle Impulse is coming soon, that’s not going to be the case. Instead, the compact hatchback is said to eschew the mid-cycle update and head straight to its fourth iteration, believed to have the F70 internal codename.

Coming in 2024, the revamped 1er might signal a slight change in how the German luxury marque names its model variations. According to a well-known insider from the Bimmer Post forums, the gasoline-fueled cars are allegedly going to drop the letter “i” from the end of their names. Instead of 118i and M135i, BMW apparently has plans to sell these cars as simply the 118 and M135.

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Logic tells us it’s not going to happen for the diesels since it would be confusing to have a 118 available with both types of engines. Consequently, we believe the oil-burner will retain the 118d moniker, and so will the more potent 120d believed to be available upon launch. To recap, rumor has it that BMW intends to sell the next-gen 1 Series from day one in 118, 118d, 120d, and M135 xDrive flavors.

Could this change gradually have an impact on the whole lineup? It’s too soon to say but if BMW wants to have a cohesive nomenclature, it would make sense for all gas cars to eventually lose the “i” at the end of their names.

If sources close to BMW can be trusted, the F70-generation 1 Series will be built from July 2024 until June 2030. It would mean the official reveal is roughly a year away. The mechanically related F74 2 Series Gran Coupe is slated to hit the assembly line in November 2024. There aren’t any details about whether there are plans to electrify these two models at this point.

Source: Bimmer Post