The rear of an M3 Touring can look just as controversial as the front by fitting the M Performance Exhaust. With stacked tips mounted in the center of a carbon diffuser, this optional upgrade elevates the inline-six’s soundtrack. It does more than just make the super wagon sound angrier as it also shaves off approximately seven kilograms (15 pounds) thanks to its titanium rear silencer and tailpipe trim.

A new video gives us the opportunity to hear the roar of the optional exhaust during a cold start and we get the chance to discover the differences in tonality between the Normal and Sport modes. In addition, we also hear it while the M3 Touring performs a fast start with the launch control function active. Aside from hearing it from the outside, we also get an idea of how the exhaust sounds from inside the cabin.

If neither the standard nor the optional exhaust systems tickle your fancy, you can always count on the aftermarket scene to deliver a setup to your liking. M Performance Parts compatible with the G81 go well beyond the titanium exhaust as one could fit the AMG C63 Estate rival with a coilover suspension, forged wheels, and numerous carbon fiber add-ons.

This video also shows how the first-ever M3 Touring performs in an acceleration test, with the sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) taking just three and a half seconds. BMW’s mighty estate needed just 5.4 seconds from 31 to 93 mph (50 to 150 km/h) and 7.9 seconds from 62 to 124 mph (100 to 200 km/h).

If you can live with the overly tall kidney grille and can afford to pay the steep price, the M3 Touring is truly the ideal solution for a one-car garage. It can do it all by being a performance vehicle with huge practicality inside a roomy cabin loaded with features and upmarket materials.

Source: Autowizja / YouTube