BMW fans and especially those who prefer other brands were quick to criticize the new M2 for its boxy styling, but one independent artist has decided to embrace them. A new rendering of the second-generation sports coupe from independent artist anissa takes the upright design cues up a notch to bulk up the G87. The wider body kit comes along with a new hood that keeps the powerdome and adds carbon fiber air vents.

This intricate design exercise boasts a prominent front spoiler lip and a fresh interpretation of the kidney grille – both in carbon fiber to match the roof. It’s a recurring theme as the front canards, massive rear diffuser, side mirror caps, and parts of the rear wing are made from the same lightweight material. For a contrasting effect, the hardcore M2 has yellow headlights and a matching V bar.

BMW M2 rendering /

The hypothetical track-focused build has been envisioned as a two-seater slammed to the road on aftermarket three-piece Dillinger forged white wheels wrapped around in Pirelli P Zero tires. The artist decided to go with a light blue shade reminiscent of BMW’s own Zandvoort Blue, a paint currently exclusive to the new M2.

The author has taken an artistic license to redo the BMW logo and give it a minimalist appearance as well as reposition the famous roundel for an asymmetrical layout. It’s not repeated at the rear where the badge sits in its normal spot, at the center of the trunk lid. The orange brake calipers are also a bold take, and we’re noticing the roll cage behind the front seats has a similar finish.

As outlandish as the imaginary 2023 M2 might seem in this rendering, let’s keep in mind BMW will happily sell you a G87 with a much more aggressive look than the standard car. Fully loaded with M Performance Parts, the baby M makes those squared-off accents pop out furthermore. With numerous winglets, center-mounted exhaust tips, and centerlock wheels, it looks fast standing still.

Source: anissadothings / Instagram