The 2023 Daytona 24 Hours was fully branded by BMW M. Not only did BMW Motorsport have a heavy presence on track with several GTs and two new LMDh racing cars, but it also put out an impressive M display. Alongside the new BMW M3 CS (G80), the M division also brought out the new BMW XM in Mineral White and the G87 M2. The latter was painted in the exclusive Zandvoort Blue.

Limited Color Options

The interesting blue of shade was never seen on a production series BMW, but it will now be part of the limited color palette of the new M2. There are only two non-monochromatic colors in the M2 portfolio—Zandvoort Blue and Toronto Red. In addition to those two colors, there are only three other monochromatic choices: Black Sapphire Metallic, Alpine White, and Brooklyn Grey.  But it was the blue that was chosen as the positioning / marketing color.

Despite looking dull in some photos, in real life Zandvoort Blue changes quite a bit under the sun. It features a somewhat deeper shade of blue, especially as the sun sets down. And of course, a bit more subdued under the sun. In the photos below, you can see the new G87 M2 from different angles. To make it even more interesting, BMW M threw in the six-speed manual. There’s only one wheel option but you get two choices of finishes, black and a two-tone black and silver. This particular M2 had the former.

Can Reach Nearly $80,000

If that disappointed you, the even fewer interior choices will only exacerbate things. There are only four choices: black, black with M-color highlights, Cognac, and another black with the carbon fiber sport buckets and even more M-colored highlights. The first three options are no-cost options but the last choice is only available as part of a $9,000 carbon fiber options pack in the United States.

In fact, if you spec the BMW M2 with all the options, you get a sticker price of $77,545 after destination fees which puts in the territory of a base BMW M3 / M4. Is it the better drive? We believe so, at least based on the prototype test drive we performed last year. Of course, we will have a chance to not only drive the production series M2 very soon (within weeks), but also shooting all the M2 colors side-by-side.