Deliveries of the 2023 BMW M2 are officially underway as the first 15 Mexican buyers have already received their shiny new cars. A special event was organized at the San Luis Potosi Plant where the sports coupe is exclusively built, following the company’s decision to move production from Leipzig, Germany where the F87 was manufactured.

Aside from taking delivery of their M2s, those 15 early adopters were invited to take a tour of the factory where the regular 2 Series Coupe (including the M240i) and the 3 Series are built. The buyers received a personalized car cover as well as a sketch of the model. A commemorative plaque was installed on the center console to denote they’re the first cars sold to Mexican customers. Moreover, BMW specialists were on location to help buyers get acquainted with their rear-wheel-drive machines.

Series production of the G87 started in December 2022 and now cars are being exported all over the world in both left- and right-hand-drive configurations. The M2 is not only built in Mexico but it has also been penned by a Mexican designer, with Jose Casas working as Senior Exterior Designer of BMW M and i.

The M2 is available with a six-speed manual and an eight-speed automatic, with both routing power only to the rear wheels. There are rumors of a potential xDrive, but even if BMW intends to give the baby M an all-wheel-drive system, it won’t happen in the foreseeable future. More power is on the way, although likely not enough to warrant a Competition version.

Meanwhile, BMW will spice up the M2 with fresh colors slated to arrive later in 2024. However, these will all be regular paints since Individual colors will take longer. Even without fancy colors, there are numerous ways to customize the G87 with plenty of M Performance Parts, including centerlock wheels, center-mounted stacked exhaust tips, and a large rear wing.

Source: BMW