Although the driving experiences and evaluations of the 2023 BMW M2 are currently restricted from public release until April 2nd, we have arranged an interview with BMW M to uncover further information about the car and address some of the pressing matters from the M community. In this video, we sit down with Daniel Schmidt, Head of Product Management BMW M, and Markus Schröder, Project Leader BMW M2.

Is the M2 a mini-M4?

The G87 M2 has set a new benchmark for the model, and we dive into what this means for drivers. BMW M has shared that the benchmark vehicle for the M2 was actually the F87 M2 Competition. So they refrained from turning the new M2 into a smaller M4 Coupe.

One feature that many BMW enthusiasts love is the manual transmission, and of course that lives on in the new G87 M2. We asked both Schmidt and Schröder if they would pick the six-speed manual over the eight-speed automatic. Additionally, we wanted to find out why is BMW still building the manual gearbox.

Will there be an M2 Competition and M2 CS?

For those curious about the future of the BMW M2 line, we give you a glimpse into the rumored G87 M2 Competition and M2 CS. Of course, BMW M has not confirmed that they are currently working on these models. But we wanted to find out if there is a room in their lineup for such variants. According to our own sources, we know that at least one of them is coming.

Another topic of interest is the possibility of a BMW M2 xDrive. While BMW M has not confirmed anything yet, we discuss whether it would make sense to make this option available and what it could offer to drivers. In our opinion, the odds of seeing an M2 all-wheel drive are quite high.

Finally, we touch on potential new exterior colors that will be available for the BMW M2 in the future. BMW has already hinted that they might be adding new paint options to the G87 M2, but apparently that won’t happen through the BMW Individual program.

Overall, we’re hoping that our Q&A with BMW M has provided valuable insights into the 2023 BMW M2. Whether you’re a BMW enthusiast or simply curious about the latest in luxury sports cars, this video is a must-watch. And as always, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!