2023 BMW XM

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2023 BMW XM Marina Bay Blue shows up public roads

BMW M’s flagship car is slowly starting to make a presence on public roads. The XM has yet to officially enter into production, but several BMW employees, including the former M boss Markus Flasch, get…

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BMW Gives You A Guided Tour Of The 2023 XM

The XM represents the next level of M performance among SUVs by sitting at the top of the X chain, thus dethroning the X5 M Competition. With a starting price of $159,000 for the base…

BMW XM Launch Had Spectacular Ad On 3D Billboard In Times Square

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2023 BMW XM With All-Black Look Makes Video Debut

The 2023 XM has a polarizing look in just about every color available, but some shades make the plug-in SUV even more eccentric. BMW decided to unveil its first dedicated M car since the M1…

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The First-Ever BMW XM: How I’d Build It

The BMW XM has just been revealed – and regardless of how you feel about it, it’s nearly guaranteed to be a commercial success for BMW. The highlight is that the twin-turbocharged V8, paired with…

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Real life photos of the BMW XM in Cape York Green

The new BMW XM took the Internet by storm yesterday and is certainly one of the most polarizing BMWs ever made. The Munich-based automaker aims to take on a very selective segment where the Lamborghini…

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2023 BMW XM – First Videos Show The Luxury SUV

The bespoke and first ever BMW XM is finally here. And now, BMW M is unleashing a series of videos to highlight the design and driving experience of the BMW XM. We covered the new…

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BMW XM vs. Ferrari Purosangue: Exclusivity at its finest

Comparing BMW and Ferrari might seem as a sacrilege to many die-hard Italian and German fans of the two brands. Moreso, bringing two organically different models side-by-side in a visual comparison seems even more controversial….