Currently, the BMW XM is exclusively offered with a V8 engine, however, as we reported in the past, an “entry-level model” featuring an in-line six-cylinder engine will be introduced in a few months. A similar report was also put out today by BimmerToday mentioning a future BMW XM 50e. Despite being a base model, the 2024 BMW XM 50e is anticipated to have exceptional performance, with a combined output of nearly 600 horsepower from the electric motor and six-cylinder engine. This output is similar to the BMW M760e (G70), which also boasts 571 horsepower.

Six-Cylinder M PHEV

Not only the BMW XM 50e would deliver plenty of power, but it will also have an exceptionally low standard fuel consumption of less than 2 liters per 100 kilometers, thanks to the plug-in hybrid drive. The XM 50e is also rumored to travel more than 80 kilometers purely on electric power, which means that it produces no emissions locally. Despite the lighter engine on the front axle, the overall weight reduction of a few kilograms is not likely to provide a significant advantage compared to the 644 and 750 hp XM models.

Not coming to the US

However, the BMW XM 50e will not arrive in the United States and it’s unclear whether it will land on European shores as well. For now, the entry-level PHEV M SUV will head to China. Logic tells us that the potential BMW XM 50e would significantly undercut the regular XM as far as pricing. In the United States, the entry-level 644 XM sells for $159,000. The upcoming XM Label Red will start above $185,000. This upcoming model will officially become the most powerful production BMW ever made.

Currently, the BMW XM has received mixed reviews, with some journalists praising its handling capabilities while others have raised concerns about its price point, which could pose a challenge to its success in the market. . In a world where large SUVs are in demand, the BMW XM aims to compete with the segment leader Lamborghini Urus while prioritizing performance over luxury in typical M fashion. Of course, it might also go head-to-head with the AMG G-Wagen from Mercedes.

Nonetheless, the XM is an interesting proposition from the M brand. It’s their most powerful and most expensive product ever made, excluding the highly-limited 3.0 CSL. It’s also the M’s first foray into the world of highly luxurious crossovers. Will it live to see a second all-electric generation? It remains to be seen. but for now, it’s at least worth a test drive since the driving experience is quite spectacular for a 6,000 lbs monster SUV.