By being the Head Of M Engineering, it’s safe to say Dirk Hacker knows everything there is to know about the second-generation M2. In an extended interview with The Fast Lane starring a Toronto Red example, he shared some of his vast knowledge pertaining to the G87. He explains how it’s closer to big-brother M4 than ever before, using the same wheels and tires. It’s also just as wide while having a shorter wheelbase to make it more tossable.

Dirk Hacker went on to describe the new M2 as being a “more adult” version of the original F87 as the new sports coupe is bigger (and heavier) than the model it replaces. We are also given the opportunity to have a look underneath the hood where the S58 engine calls home. It was first installed in the X3 M and X4 M before it arrived in the M3 and M4. BMW took it to new heights of power with the M3 CS and M4 CSL, topped by the 3.0 CSL.

Naturally, the new M2 uses a detuned version of the twin-turbo, 3.0-liter inline-six, but there are already signs of more power being on the way. Dirk Hacker said his personal car arriving in a few weeks will have the six-speed manual since it makes the car more fun to drive even though the eight-speed automatic is objectively quicker. The pre-production car had the stick shift and the standard seats instead of the optional body-hugging carbon seats.

An additional weight reduction can be achieved by getting the carbon roof but the M2 in this video had the sunroof with an electrically sliding cover. The Head Of M Engineering goes on to explain the highly configurable M Menu, giving owners the possibility to make changes to the chassis, steering, brakes, and driving modes as well as adjusting the level of intervention of the traction control system.

Already in production in Mexico at the San Luis Potosi factory, the BMW M2 will celebrate its global market launch in April. Additional colors will be added later in 2024, and there are rumors of a more powerful version arriving further down the line. Closer to the end of the life cycle, so well after 2025, an xDrive model might be launched.