Being the hot new Bimmer on the scene, every render artist and their dog wants to show off what their version of the BMW M3 Touring is. Some are good, some aren’t so good. This one, though, from Anissadothings is pretty darn good. It starts off pretty simple, as just an British Racing Green M3 Touring, which is a shade or two darker than the stock M3’s Isle of Man green.

It also even has some digitally body work done, with rear fender flares that are more swollen than the standard car’s. On the standard M3, the rear wheel arch abruptly ends before the rear door, likely because BMW didn’t want to spend the extra money to create a new door panel that had some of the fender’s flare in it. This render can do that for free of course, so it has it.

That’s not where the extra body work stops, though. It has a very large front splitter, a new rear diffuser, a massive hood scoop, and even a large rear wing. Even the Air Breather was enlarged, and fitted with some carbon fiber trim, and its headlights were yellowed, much like those of the BMW M5 CS. The color mixed with the yellow headlights and carbon fiber accents makes the M3 Touring look pretty killer.

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However, the best part is actually something that comes from a different brand—HRE Wheels. This render was given a set of what looks to be HRE 935 disc wheels. They’re absolutely sensational wheels that hark back to Touring cars ad rally cars of the ’80s. I’m a sucker for a good disc wheel and few do it better than HRE. Overall, this car looks killer and should serve as inspiration for anyone who owns an M3 Touring. It also shows why you should get your M cars in cool Individual colors because this render immediately stands out due to its British Racing Green hue. BMW offers colors just like it from its Individual program and it would help your car really stick out.

Get an Individual color, add some extra aero, and slap a great set of HRE disc wheels on there and you’ve got yourself an M3 Touring that will be unrivaled by fellow owners’ cars. And with a car as special as the M3 Touring, don’t you want to make it even more special? If so, look to this render.

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