For my money, the BMW M2 CS is just about the best looking small coupe you can buy, at any price. It’s short, muscular, and it looks like it wants to eat your face. One of the best parts of its looks is its wheel design. The killer gold wheels are among the best modern wheels on any BMW, so much so that M2 Competition owners are buying them from M Performance Parts. So if you’re gonna replace them, you’d better replace them with some real stunners. Thankfully, the good people at HRE Wheels know what they’re doing.

As seen in these photos, they swapped out the stock M2 CS wheels for a set of HRE Vintage 501 wheels in Brushed Gold, with a Polished Clear outer barrel. I’m more of a function over form kinda guy, preferring smaller wheels and chunkier sidewalls, for better performance, but these Vintage 501s even have me swooning.

Photos @hre_wheels @rickgart @linhbergh

They’re called “Vintage” for good reason; they look like some of the iconic wheels you’d find on sports cars back in the ’70s and ’80s. Thankfully, the 501s aren’t just for show. While their three-piece design might not be as ideal as a Monoblock design for heavy track use, they’re absolutely strong enough to handle canyon blasts and spirited driving. They’re made from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum and feature high-strength stainless steel fasteners. So they’re strong as they are stylish.

Also, Brushed Gold is the right finish for these wheels, regardless of car. I mean, c’mon. Look at ’em. The gold finish also contrasts the Misano Blue paint of the M2 CS. It’s just a winning combo all around; the car, the wheel design, the finish, and the brand.

[Photos: @hre_wheels @rickgart @linhbergh on Instagram]