BMW didn’t invent the coupe-SUV as there had been other swoopy high-riding models before the E71 arrived in 2008. However, the German luxury brand made the body style popular, turning it from a niche to a standalone segment. The smaller X4 joined the lineup in 2014 and was followed by the X2 about four years later, but it’s the X6 that put coupe-SUVs on the automotive map.

Codenamed G06, the third-generation model recently underwent a nip and tuck, so we decided to travel to Munich and visit the BMW Welt to film a striking build finished in Java Green. Mind you, this is not an M Performance version, let alone the full-fat M model. The reason why it looks substantially sportier than the regular X6 LCI is because of the M Performance Parts in carbon fiber to contrast the eye-catching Individual paint.

Equipped with the M Sport Package, this facelifted X6 rides on 22-inch wheels featuring a two-tone look, with brake red calipers lurking from behind. The MPP goodies start at the front where the luxury SUV has received a chunky carbon fiber spoiler lip while surrounds for the lower air intake are also made from the same lightweight material. The top of the windshield has an “M Performance Parts” sticker sending a 1980s vibe.

The side profile reveals an “M Performance” decal running along the bottom of the doors, along with mirror caps bathed in carbon fiber. The 2024 BMW X6’s rear hosts a diffuser and tailgate spoiler made from carbon as well, making the Java Green Metallic paint pop even more. While this may seem a bit too much, people buying X6s love the attention, so this splashy version is right up their alley.

The X6 M60i and X6 M Competition have even more visual drama for those who can step up the V8 models. However, all pale in comparison to the controversial XM, which going forward sits at the top of BMW’s SUV offerings while also being the flagship M car.