The 2024 BMW X5 and X6 gets a new standard feature this summer. Starting from July 2024, both models will come equipped with the Driving Assistant as standard, in Germany. There is no word whether the U.S. market and others will offer it standard as well. This updated system includes Lane Change Warning with active lane return, rear crossing traffic warning with a braking function, and an exit warning.

Additionally, the standard Lane Departure Warning in the BMW X5 and BMW X6 now responds to oncoming traffic that poses a collision risk. The Driving Assistant Professional, featuring the Steering and Lane Control Assistant among other advanced functions, will be available as part of the optional Innovation package. Of course, the packages vary by markets and this only applies to Germany.

Key features include:

  1. Lane Change Warning with Active Lane Return: This system alerts the driver when there is a vehicle in the blind spot during a lane change and can assist in steering back into the lane if necessary.
  2. Rear Crossing Traffic Warning with Braking Function: Helps to avoid collisions when reversing by warning the driver of approaching traffic and applying brakes if a collision is imminent.
  3. Exit Warning: Alerts passengers of approaching vehicles or cyclists when opening the door, helping to prevent accidents.
  4. Lane Departure Warning: Now enhanced to react to oncoming traffic, providing additional safety by warning the driver and taking corrective action if the vehicle inadvertently drifts out of the lane.

The Driving Assistant Professional, part of the optional Innovation package, includes advanced features such as:

  • Steering and Lane Control Assistant: Helps keep the vehicle centered in its lane with minimal driver input.
  • Extended Traffic Jam Assistant: Offers semi-autonomous driving in heavy traffic, reducing driver fatigue.
  • Active Lane Change: Allows for automated lane changes when the driver confirms the maneuver by glancing at the side mirror.

The Active Lane Change is one of the biggest additions. With this new feature, the car suggests a lane change. The driver can approve this suggestion just by looking at the corresponding outside rearview mirror. Of course, the maneuver will only be possible if it’s completely safe to change lanes. To that end, the driver gets a visual (and audio) prompt in the digital instrument cluster about when the hands-free lane change procedure can be done. If you prefer to have some control, the driver can still manually turn on the turn signal. We recently tested the Highway Assistant in the BMW iX and worked well over long distance making driving a lot more comfortable.