Ever since the second-generation BMW M2 was unveiled in October 2022, enthusiasts have been asking whether more power is planned for a potential Competition model. After all, the G87 uses the same twin-turbo, inline-six engine as the M4. The bigger brother’s 3.0-liter can develop as much as 560 hp in its highest state of tune – as seen in the rare 3.0 CSL – so 100 hp more than a base M2.

However, it’s not going to happen. Well, at least not in the foreseeable future. Our colleagues at BimmerToday asked BMW M2 project manager Markus Schröder about the prospects of a more potent G87. He said it’s not on the agenda for the time being, which is hardly a surprise since the regular model’s global launch won’t happen until April.

No M2 Competition Planned

The statement confirms a report BMWBLOG published days after the new M2 was officially revealed in which we said a Competition-spec G87 is not happening. However, sources close to Munich have told us a small power hike is likely on the agenda and should be applied later in the life cycle. Logic tells us we shouldn’t expect a massive bump in output since the baby M would end up cannibalizing sales of the M4.

BMW says no M2 xDrive, but…

During the same interview with the German magazine Bimmer Today, Markus Schröder ruled out an M2 xDrive. As you may recall, an all-wheel-drive version allegedly showed up in an internal document in August 2022, months before the G87’s official debut. But if we were betting people, we would put our money on an M2 xDrive later in its lifecycle. Will that be called an M2 Competition xDrive? It remains to be seen.

Yet, we do expect seeing a new BMW M2 CS (G87 generation). The sportscar would follow the same recipe as all the other CS models – more power, unique colors, plenty of carbon fiber.

BMW Individual Colors Coming

Elsewhere, the lead engineer confirmed more colors are on the way, including matte Frozen paints from the Individual catalog. However, the San Luis Potosi in Mexico where the M2 is exclusively made is not yet ready for the full array of Individual colors. Meanwhile, the G87 can only be had in this Toronto Red, or in one of the following four hues: Brooklyn Grey, Sapphire Black, Alpine White, and the exclusive Zandvoort Blue.

Source: Bimmer Today