The M3 CS took center stage at the Daytona 24 Hours but it wasn’t the only car displayed by BMW during the famous endurance race. Another exciting new product, the M2 G87, shared the spotlight with the limited-run super sedan. To make it look a bit more special, the Munich-based automaker decided to showcase the sports coupe in its exclusive color – Zandvoort Blue.

With manual gearboxes being in high demand among US buyers of BMW M cars, it makes sense the 2023 M2 was displayed in Daytona with a stick shift. Horatiu spent some quality time with the baby M car, which proudly featured the 50 years of M anniversary logo, Shadowline headlights, and a carbon fiber roof. Inside, it had the optional bucket front seats and plenty of carbon fiber trim.

A full review with driving impressions will be coming up soon, but our early test drive with a prototype last year made the car feel like it was already at the M2 CS (F87) level of performance. It is the swan song for BMW M cars powered solely by combustion engines as going forward, new models will have some form of electrification baked in.

Series production at the San Luis Potosi Plant in Mexico kicked off in December 2022, so early adopters won’t have to wait much longer to take delivery of the new M2. In the United States, the G87 goes on sale in April and it’ll cost you $62,200 (plus $995 destination and handling) before options. This paint job won’t cost you extra, nor will any of the two gearboxes since both the six-speed manual and the eight-speed automatic are no-cost options.

What does the future have in tow for the M2? We’re expecting Individual colors to be launched further down the line, along with at least one higher-performance version. There’s some gossip about an xDrive version, but our sources have told us a final decision hasn’t been taken yet. Carbon-ceramic brakes are not available at launch, although we won’t be too surprised if they’ll be added later on.