A G87-generation BMW M2 CS seems inevitable. Since the F80/F82 BMW M3/M4 CS, there’s also been the F87 M2 CS, F90 M5 CS, and—most recently—the new G80 M3 CS. So it’s pretty easy to read the tea leaves and realize that a new BMW M2 CS is on the way. Especially since BMW really seems to like money.

The CS Brand

BMW’s CS models are big money makers for the brand. Since they’re built mostly out of parts-bin gear, with simple fine tuning to make them sharper and more exciting, they don’t cost a whole lot to make. However, they’re also sold at quite a big markup. For instance, the new BMW M3 CS starts at $118,000, which is quite a big bump up from the $74,300 base model M3. Those bigger profit margins make CS models incredibly attractive to the suits in Munich.


If a BMW M2 CS does happen, you can expect it to jump right over the M2 Competition. The base G87 M2 already starts at the power levels and performance of the previous M2 CS F87. We experienced that while driving a prototype last year. So there is a smaller gap to close now between models. As you’d expect, there are currently rumors in Munich about an upcoming M2 CS. Furthermore, it seems that it’s going to be the only other model variant of the G87 M2. As far as we know, there isn’t a G87 M2 Competition currently planned.

Unlikely To Go Over 500 HP

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A G87 BMW M2 CS would likely make somewhere in the ballpark of 470-480 horsepower, similar to the standard M3’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo I6. The normal M2 uses a slightly detuned version of that engine but the M2 CS could get the normal M3 state of tune. Just like the previous-gen M2 CS, it could come with both manual and automatic transmission options.

Though, the main difference is that the old M2 CS’ automatic was a seven-speed dual-clutch unit and the new one would be an eight-speed ZF auto. Also, it might only be rear-wheel drive, with no xDrive option. Why you might ask? Because the M2 CS still has to be somewhat of a lightweight product, so adding at least couple of hundred pounds with the all-wheel drive system might not make sense.

In terms of looks, an M2 CS would likely just have more carbon fiber exterior bits, a slightly revised front end, and some exclusive color options, but don’t expect too many visual changes. In the end, this is the typical CS recipe and it works well for BMW. Yet, I won’t be mad if BMW surprises us this time around considering this is the last M2 CS of its kind.

In conclusion, it seems genuinely inevitable that an M2 CS is coming, even though BMW has yet to officially announce it yet. Or even to acknowledge it. But if the M3 CS timeline is of any indication, a new BMW M2 CS may be coming within the next couple of years. [Top Render: instagram.com/superrenderscars]