I know what you’re going to say – there’s no such thing as an electric M car. That’s partially true as the i4 M50 featured here along with the iX M60 are only M Performance vehicles rather than full-fat M models. It’ll be the same story with the already confirmed i7 M70 and a potential i5 M60 debuting later in 2023. BMW M has commenced testing of a quad-motor EV with over 1,000 horsepower, but it’ll probably take several years until a production car will go on sale. We’d wager it’ll happen in the latter half of the decade for a high-performance EV based on the Neue Klasse platform.

A new instructional video shows how owners of electric BMW M-branded models can have fun on a race track by performing controlled drifts. An i4 M50 with a tail-happy nature on a wet skid pad was used to shoot the video, reminding us of the M5’s Guinness record for the longest drift, established many moons ago when the car was refueled mid-drift by another M5.




Getting back to the video at hand, the first order of business is to obviously turn off the dynamic stability control system by tapping on the DSC button on the iDrive 8’s menu. How to perform a drift? We’ll allow BMW to explain it: “Briefly steer outwards and then inwards while pressing the accelerator pedal.” Rather than countersteering, steer into the corner to keep the wheels straight. To end the drift, let go of the accelerator pedal and steer straight.

The latest video from the “How To” series follows several episodes that highlighted an M3 Touring to show how to set up the super wagon for the track. The super wagon finished in a menacing Individual Frozen Black paint was also used to teach BMW M owners how to perform engine break-in and learn how to run-in the brakes and tires.

Source: BMW M / YouTube