The BMW XM is a controversial looking car, to say the least. It’s the most radically unique looking BMW in… maybe ever. With a unique looking front end, odd rear proportions, and a split interior design, the XM is not for the traditional BMW enthusiast. However, that doesn’t mean it is bad looking, nor does it mean it isn’t fascinating. So let’s take a look at the BMW XM up close in a few different color scheme to see what it’s all about.

All three of the XMs featured here are the same car, mechanically. So they all have the same 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged S68 V8 engine, paired with the same hybrid powertrain, to make the same 644 horsepower. The different Label versions aren’t out yet, so we’re working with the standard car here.

BMW XM Black Sapphire

This is sort of the stealth pick. There’s a theory that painting a controversial looking car black makes it a bit easier on the eyes, as it hides some of the awkward details. That theory holds up here, as Black Sapphire Metallic does make the XM seem stealthier, which makes its details and features hard to see. However it also makes it a bit boring, which is sort of misses the point of an XM. So as stealthy as it might be, it’s only the choice for XM customers who want to remain more anonymous.


BMW XM Marina Bay Blue

Marina Bay Blue is one of BMW M’s most popular colors at the moment and for good reason. It’s an incredibly handsome color and it works very well on the BMW XM. Being such a unique looking car, not every color works well but this one does. It shadows the parts that should be shadowed, while highlighting those that should be highlighted. It also looks great with the XM’s contrasting bronze accents. Inside, this car has a Silverstone/Vintage Coffee interior that really shows off what the XM is about. While the XM’s cabin isn’t quite as unique up front, its rear seat is a bit funky and its headliner is interesting. So giving it a fun color scheme like this is wise.

BMW XM Mineral White

In contrast to black, getting a car in white shows off the true shape of the car, so it’d better be a good one. The BMW XM has a funky shape and unusual proportions. While it has a good looking silhouette, it’s rear haunches and back end are strange. So choosing Mineral White is  a bold choice. However, it is clean looking and it creates a ton of contrast with its black accents. On the inside, the Sakhir Orange (remember that color?!) leather seats are vibrant and sporty, very much in keeping with the XM’s design ethos.

There are a few different and interesting color combinations you can get the BMW XM in. And that’s without BMW’s Individual program. If I personally had to choose from one of these, without question it’d be the Marina Bay Blue with Silverstone/Vintage Coffee interior. It’s the one that feels the most appropriate for an XM and the one that highlights the best parts of it.