The BMW XM Label Red with 748 hp and 1,000 Newton meters of torque will be the most powerful production BMW of all time. Anyone who wants to secure their own can now put their name on a waiting list. The microsite on is offering customers the option to be placed on a waiting list before the official introduction in Summer 2023. Additionally, the website also reveals that the power hybrid will come with a new Frozen Carbon Black matte finish paired with Toronto Red details for a striking contrast. The interior will also be black and red, and potentially some unique carbon fiber bits.

In addition to its powerful drivetrain, the XM Label Red features a number of performance-oriented components. It has an M-specific suspension system that includes adaptive dampers, active roll stabilization, and rear-axle steering. It also has an M Sport exhaust system with a unique pipes layout that delivers a sporty sound and reduces exhaust back-pressure for improved performance.

Inside, the BMW XM also breaks new ground for BMW as it separates the front and rear cabin compartments by using different designs for each. Front passengers get a pretty traditional BMW cabin, with the now-normal iDrive 8 infotainment system. The rear cabin compartment features stylish and luxurious seats, along with a 3D-shaped headliner.

Label Red Name

Why is it called Label Red and not XM Competition? According to BMW, the XM Label models deserve a unique name since they are more than just a Competition model. In Europe, the BMW XM Label Red (rumored to be limited to less than 2,000 units) will sell for around 195,000 euros. In the United States, the very same XM Label Red will be sold for around $185,000.  According to our sources, but not confirmed by BMW, other Label models are also planned for the future.

The regular BMW XM with 650 horsepower will also get some updates this summer. Adjustments made to the paint shop at the Spartanburg factory where the dedicated M model is made allow BMW to offer a quartet of Individual paints: Urban Green, Petrol Mica, Anglesey Green, and Sepia. These special colors go through a separate manufacturing process that necessitates additional manual labor.

The premiere of the BMW XM Label Red will be at the Pikes Peak Hillclimb. It’s unclear when the reservations for U.S. market will open.