By far the biggest launch of the year for BMW, the new 5 Series is scheduled to debut before summer. A new rendering eases the wait by anticipating the design of Bavaria’s eighth-generation luxury sedan based on recent spy shots depicting camouflaged prototypes. Seen here is an unofficial rendering of a plug-in hybrid variant as denoted by the charging port on the front-left fender.

It remains to be seen whether it’ll look similar to the digital design exercise but we can say with certainty the G60 will be an evolution rather than a revolution. Overall, it should look a tad sharper as some of the test vehicles sent out a bit of an E60 vibe. As with most recent BMWs, the 2024 5 Series will adopt flush door handles and sleeker-looking headlights. Thankfully, it won’t have an unusually large front grille.

Speaking of which, the M logo on one of the kidneys suggests the rendering illustrates an M Performance model. Yes, BMW is now putting M badges at the front of some M Lite cars, including on the M760e as well as the X5/X6 M60i and M850i. Expect to see an M560e xDrive with an inline-six engine and electric motor making over 550 horsepower.

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The electrified M Performance version is believed to indirectly replace the M550i since BMW isn’t planning to give the 5 Series a V8 engine. Sources close to Munich have told us only the M5 will have eight cylinders. Much like the M560e, the M5 G90 (speculatively rendered in red) will also boast a charging port on the front fender since it too will feature a plug-in hybrid setup, rumored to produce a little over 700 horsepower.

Bear in mind the M560e xDrive will not be the sole M Performance version of the new 5 Series. We have it on good authority BMW is also planning a sporty version of the fully electric 5er, likely to go by the name of i5 M60. Contrary to recent reports, a full-fat M derivative of the i5 is not going to happen.

As far as the interior is concerned, the revamped 5 Series will be the first BMW to utilize the iDrive 8.5. As already seen on plenty of models running on iDrive 8.0, there will be dual screens in curved glass enclosing atop a dashboard with few conventional buttons. Most functions will be accessed through the touchscreen, which measures 14.9 inches on rear-wheel-drive-based cars.

Of all versions planned for the next-gen 5 Series, we’re anxious to see the return of the M5 Touring. Codenamed G99, the super wagon is due around 2025 and might come to the United States.

Source: Germany’s Finest / Instagram