You can tell a design is great when it still feels fresh even after nearly eight years since the car’s official debut. The F54 MINI Countryman was introduced at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and yet we’d argue it hasn’t aged at all. Mind you, this isn’t an ordinary version as we’re looking at a hotter Cooper S painted in Rooftop Grey with black hood stripes.

The MINI Cooper S Clubman ALL4 name remains as complicated as before, and at 4,275 millimeters (168.3 inches) long, it’s hardly a mini. The all-wheel drive wagon/hatchback mashup made the trip to Spain, flaunting its unusual six-door body style in a photo shoot in Mallorca. It remains a niche model in a sea of crossovers of all shapes and sizes, facing internal competition from the Countryman and the 2023 BMW X1 to a lesser extent.

If rumors are to be believed, the model’s days might be numbered as MINI could decide to phase out the Clubman after this second generation to make room in the lineup for the Aceman. Previewed by a namesake concept last year, the Aceman will be a small electric-only crossover positioned below the next-gen Countryman, which will be available in both ICE and EV flavors.

While it would be sad to see the Clubman drive off into the proverbial sunset, it makes more sense for the BMW Group to focus on a small crossover. It’s especially true since the next Countryman will be much bigger than the outgoing model, thus creating room in the lineup to slot a smaller crossover. The Aceman is expected to arrive in 2024, so the six-door oddity is preparing for retirement.

According to MotoringFile, production of the Clubman will end in the first quarter of next year, specifically in February. If the report is accurate, MINI will likely take the final orders this fall.

Source: MINI