MINI is about to go through a massive rebranding phase. There hasn’t been a truly new MINI in almost a decade, only new variants of existing cars, and its lineup has grown stale. However, that’s about to change in the coming years, as MINI is soon going to begin replacing all of its models with entirely new ones and one of its biggest new sellers will be the 2025 MINI Countryman seen in these new spy photos. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

In these new photos, the MINI Countryman shows off more of its design than it ever has, in previous spy shots. Most notably, though, is the fact that this MINI Countryman is electric. There’s really only one way to tell that this is the electric version of the Countryman and it’s the “Electric Test Vehicle” badges on the sides of the car. Otherwise, it looks pretty much the same as every other next-gen Countryman we’ve seen in spy shots.

Spy photo

This test mule does reveal a few new details about its design, though. For instance, it has new wheels we’ve never seen before. They feature a five-spot hollow design that looks very sporty, and the ride height is also surprisingly low for a crossover, so we’re wondering if there might be a JCW version of the electric Countryman, which would be very cool. This car also has a rather large roof spoiler, which only adds fuel to our JCW theory fire.

Out back, you can see new taillights which seem to feature a vertical design, finally ditching the Union Jack taillight design that’s been used on every recent MINI. The Union Jack design was quirky and cool for a bit but it’s grown tiresome, so it’s good that MINI changed it up. Up front, there’s too much camouflage to make any real details out, aside from the fact that it’s likely going to have a large center sensor, designed for advanced adaptive cruise control.

Overall, though, this new Countryman could be shaping up to be the best looking one yet. Its proportions are great for a small crossover, it has a more aggressive roofline than either of the previous two bubbly generations, and this one seems to have a great stance for a stock car. It will be very exciting to see what MINI has in store when it finally starts rolling out its next generation of cars, like this new Countryman.

[Source: Car Scoops]