Rarely have we seen BMW share this much content about a new car but if there’s one model that deserves the attention, it’s certainly the M3 Touring. Decades in the making, the belated AMG C63 Estate rival stars in a new photo gallery provided by the automaker’s Polish branch. Shot in a winter wonderland, the G81 is far from being standard as it’s been fitted with quite a few extra bits.

While there’s no info to go along with these stunning images, it appears the fast wagon is wearing an Individual paint, namely Lagoon Green. The M3 Touring comes with a color-matching roof box for those who need extra cargo capacity beyond the 500 liters (17.6 cubic feet) offered by the practical estate. Fold the rear seats and the volume expands to 1,510 liters (53.3 cubic feet), which is more than enough for those two M-branded suitcases.

It also happens to have an assortment of M Performance Parts in carbon fiber, including front canards that frankly look out of place on a wagon. As a refresher, there is no carbon fiber roof option for the M3 Touring as BMW decided against retooling the factory for what it believes will be a low-volume product. Speaking of the lightweight material, there’s even carbon fiber for the fuel filler cap, which proudly features M Performance branding.

There are only two photos depicting the interior, finished in striking Fiona Red leather with loads of carbon fiber on the steering wheel and dashboard. You won’t find an M3 Touring with a six-speed manual since the super wagon comes exclusively as a Competition model with xDrive. This setup echoes the AMG C63 Estate and Audi RS4 Avant as the other two high-performance German family cars also have two pedals and four-wheel drive.

Unlike the M3 Sedan, the equivalent Touring model is not a truly global model since BMW has decided against bringing the car to North America. The silver lining for some people is that it has been engineered for right-hand-drive markets, primarily thanks to requests made by the regional divisions from the UK, Japan, and Australia.

Source: BMW