It was only a matter of time before tuners started making aero and performance kits for the BMW M3 Touring. Well that time is now, as AC Schnitzer—one of the premiere BMW tuning companies—has just released its new kit for the long-roof M3 and it’s exactly as you would expect from the famous brand.

Let’s start with the fun bits first. With an engine tune, AC Schnitzer bumped power to 590 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, from the M3’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo I6. For the record, that’s almost as much power as an M5 and the same amount of torque. If you opt for the Step II tuned, horsepower jumps to 610, while torque stays the same.

Photo by AC Schnitzer

It also gets AC Schnitzer’s exhaust system, which we’ve heard on other M3 and M4 models before. It’s much louder and deeper in tone than the standard exhaust and it comes with the usual pops and bangs that are typical of aftermarket exhausts for turbocharged cars.

Visually, it gets the usually AC Schnitzer treatment. So there are some new carbon fiber front aero bits, including a new front splitter and some canards. It even gets little carbon trim pieces for the front hood indents, which make them look like functional scoops (they still aren’t). Out back, a new carbon fiber bumper insert houses the quad carbon-tipped exhaust pipes and a new rear lip visually lowers the rear end. There’s also a rear roof spoiler, which adds a touch of downforce, as well as sportier looks.

As per usual, AC Schnitzer offers its many wheel designs for the M3 Touring, with this specific car wearing a set of black AC3s. Helping those wheels fill their arches is one of two different suspension kits. There’s a simple lowering spring kit, which lowers the ride height 10-15mm on the front axle but keeps that rear axle’s stock height. But there’s also a fully adjustable coilover kit available, too.

Photo by AC Schnitzer

Inside, AC Schnitzer offers a new steering wheel, which features perforated leather and Alcantara, as well as carbon fiber trim and a 12 o’clock stripe. It also offers new carbon fiber paddle shifters and aluminum pedals.

All of this is pretty typical of AC Schnitzer for the BMW M3, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. However, seeing the kit on the BMW M3 Touring reminds us of what we’ve been missing for so long—a properly tuned BMW M3 wagon.

[Photos by AC Schnitzer]