The new 3 Series LCI facelift is a refreshing improvement. Most new BMWs keep switching to oversized grilles with weird styling but BMW shows its restraint with the 3er and actually made an already handsome car even better looking. However, good can always be made better, right? That’s what AC Schnitzer was thinking when it developed these new parts of the 3 Series Touring LCI and it looks great.

Visually, the AC Schnitzer package comes with a new front splitter, side skirts, new wheels, a rear diffuser, and a roof spoiler. It also has lowering springs and wheel spacers, to finish off the look and make it sit just right on its wheels. As per usual, the added aero bits are made from carbon fiber, which contrast the gray paint of this car nicely.

This specific car is also an ACS3 4.0d, which means it has a larger displacement version of the typical 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine in the M340d. So it should be even faster than the M340d, which is an already quick car.

Inside, this ACS3 4.0d gets an upgraded steering wheel, which features Alcantara sides, a 12 o’clock stripe, and new paddle shifters. The paddles feature an unusual shape that makes the bigger, easier to see, and probably easier to use but they certainly look a bit funky. However, the stock paddles on most BMWs are usually pretty boring, so owners might appreciate these new paddles.

Overall, this is a great looking car. The BMW 3 Series Touring—especially M Performance models—always looks great. But adding a bit of extra visual aggressive, giving it better wheels, and getting its stance just right really makes a big difference. For anyone that wants their 3 Series Touring to have a bit of extra bite, AC Schnitzer could have just the kit for you.

[Photos: AC Schnitzer]