The upcoming 2025 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe (codename F74) was just spotted in Los Angeles, of course, under camouflage. Compared to previous spy photos, these new ones show a bit of the interior design. We can now spot the large curved display, similar to current BMW products, and the new M Sport steering wheel with the 12 o’clock red stripe. The center console, veiled in black cloth, is believed to conceal a toggle shifter and suggests the omission of the traditional iDrive controller. One major change is the iDrive 9 to mirror other front-wheel-drive-based cars such as the latest X1, X2, and 2 Series Active Tourer.

No Major Design Changes

Design wise, the new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe won’t change much compared to the outgoing model. The proportions are quite similar, the kidney grille stays small and the headlights are following the recipe of recent BMWs. The biggest design change comes from the M235 Gran Coupe model which, for a first time, will sport quad pipes. Until now, the quad-pipes were reserved exclusively to full-M cars, but M-lite models are now getting a variation of those exhaust pipes. The rear-end is a combination of a hatchback and a four-door coupe.

The 2025 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe (codenamed F74) will be built on an advanced iteration of the UKL2/FAAR platform, preserving its front-wheel-drive layout and the orientation of its transverse engines. Anticipated for its debut in the US market, the 2025 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is set to introduce two introductory models: the 228 xDrive and the M235 xDrive. The M235 variant will be equipped with an updated version of the B48 engine, boasting an impressive 312 horsepower, akin to the X1 M35i. The compact sedan will be offered exclusively with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. For enthusiasts seeking more control, the range-topping M235 will feature paddle shifters (as seen in these images also), allowing for manual gear changes.

Why the M235 instead of the M235i?

Gas models are likely to drop the “i” from their names, so look for 218, 220, 228, 223 xDrive, and M235 xDrive flavors. This can be also seen in the upcoming F70 1 Series and G45 X3. The idea is to differentiate between these models and the “i” electric vehicles. The diesel variants will retain the “d” in the badge name, and there are no plans for a plug-in hybrid 2 Series. Same goes for an electric variant which is also not planned on this F74 generation.

Our sources close to Munich have now told us the world premiere is locked in for this fall, but deliveries to customers won’t start until spring 2025. The F74 2 Series Gran Coupe is reportedly going into production in November 2024 at the German plant in Leipzig while the extra-long F78 model built in China for the local market could follow in January 2025. [Photos: @kbedrosian]