I know what you’re probably thinking – Why is CAR Magazine testing the BMW M3 Touring against the Audi RS6 Avant? It’s a valid question since the two high-performance wagons belong to different segments. The long-roof model carrying the Four Rings is bigger, heavier, and more powerful. However, the hotly anticipated M5 Touring “G99” is still not out yet, so the “G81” represents the closest rival.

The smaller Audi RS4 Avant would’ve been the natural competitor in this test. That said, CAR Magazine wanted to see how the M3 Touring stacks up a super wagon from a superior class. The RS6 Avant felt faster on the straights thanks to its larger and more potent V8. However, the BMW was more exciting in the corners. Although both have all-wheel drive, the M3 estate delivered the more thrilling tail-happy behavior.

Photo by instagram.com/msck64

The British magazine also preferred the M3 Touring’s sharper steering, which they say an Audi engineer told them was overly sharp. On the flip side, the RS6 Avant was the better all-rounder thanks to its spacious cabin and more comfortable seats. It also had an air suspension that delivered a smoother ride, making it a better daily driver.

CAR Magazine concludes that the M3 Touring is a performance car in a wagon body whereas the RS6 Avant is a wagon with a “rocket ship engine.” They found the Audi the better choice for someone who already owns a sports car. However, for a one-car garage, they reckon the BMW is the one to go for since it’s more engaging to drive.

Both James Dennison and Ben Barry from CAR Magazine would buy the M3 Touring over the RS6 Avant. They’d be saving a lot of money in the process given the price gap between the two. In Germany, the BMW starts at €101,300, making it nearly €30,000 cheaper than the Audi. We’re hearing the forthcoming M5 Touring will cost less than €150,000.

Source: CAR Magazine