The Z4 hasn’t been getting much attention since BMW gave the sporty roadster a discreet Life Cycle Impulse in late September last year. Thankfully, a new video shot at the 2023 Brussels Auto Show this month allows us to get reacquainted with the two-seat sports car in the M Performance guise and an eye-catching Thundernight metallic paint new to the Z4.

Don’t go looking for a six-speed manual gearbox because BMW has yet to unveil the Z4 M40i with a clutch pedal. Our sources have told us it’s still planned for a release later this year, and could very well be among the last cars from BMW to have a stick shift. Speaking of dying eras, it’s worth pointing out the convertible is among the few remaining models from the Bavarian marque with the iDrive 7 and it’s unlikely to transition to the latest infotainment.

Riding on new 19-inch matte black wheels with a “V” spoke design, the range-topping Z4 keeps it simple on the inside with a predominantly black cabin in a combination of Vernasca leather and Alcantara. As shown in Brussels, you’re looking at an M40i build that costs just under €76,000 in Belgium after taking into consideration a nearly €5,000 discount.

The problem with the Z4 M40i sold in Europe is not necessarily pricing but the fact it’s considerably less potent than the equivalent version sold in the United States. Ever since the G29 debut in August 2018, the inline-six engine has been making only 335 horsepower on the Old Continent whereas the US-spec car has the B58 dialed to 382 hp.

This discrepancy rears its ugly head when you look at the acceleration numbers since the version sold in North America is a tenth of a second quicker, needing 4.4 seconds until 60 mph. The possible manual Z4 M40i will be slower, but enthusiasts eager to row their own gears won’t have a problem with making such a compromise.

It is believed BMW intends to sell the Z4 until 2025 when it’ll allegedly discontinue the roadster altogether, without a direct replacement planned. It’s too soon to say what will happen to the mechanically related Toyota Supra, which is also made by Magna Steyr at its factory in Graz, Austria.

Source: crospotter13 / YouTube