Z4 M40i

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G-Power Unveils 500 HP BMW Z4 M40i Monster

The BMW Z4 is one of the best handling cars the Bavarians are making today. It’s light, rear-wheel drive only and has great balance, all great attributes for a sports car. Some, however, are saying…

Video: Dyno Run Shows BMW Z4 M40i Has About 410 HP at Crank

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BMW M has no plans for a Z4 M

The writing was on the wall, but many of us were in denial when it came to a full-fledged M version of the new BMW Z4 Roadster. The Z4 M subject has been on tap…

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Behind the wheel of the new BMW Z4 Roadster

Motor Trend went to Miramas, France, where BMW has a secret testing facility, to test – no pun intended – the all-new BMW Z4 Roadster. Still wearing camouflaged clothing, and yet to be fully completed,…