Customer demand for roadsters has plummeted in the last years, prompting automakers to reduce their droptop offerings. Mercedes axed the S-Class Convertible and SLC before merging the AMG GT Convertible with the SL. The three-pointed star could drop the C-Class and E-Class with a folding top to create a single CLE model. Audi has axed the A3 Cabriolet, and the R8 with a fabric roof is also on its way out.

At BMW, a recent rumor claims the 4 Series and 8 Series will morph into a revitalized 6 Series. Not only that, but we’re now hearing the Z4 Roadster’s days are numbered. Spanish publication has it on good authority the small cabrio will be bidding adieu in about three and a half years from now. Production is allegedly coming to an end in October 2025.

The report specifies a new Z4 Roadster has been ruled out, meaning the sports cabrio will be dropped entirely. In the meantime, a mildly facelifted version is set to arrive before the end of the year. mentions the LCI will be minimal, which is understandable since investing significant funds into a slow-selling product is not feasible.

The 718 Boxster Is One Of The Main Reasons For The Z4’s Potential Death

Porsche is “blamed” for hitting the nail on the roadster’s coffin by racking up more sales to the Z4’s detriment. It’s too soon to say how the rumored demise of the BMW Z4 Roadster will impact its Japanese cousin, the Toyota Supra. Both are manufactured by Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria and use 2.0- and 3.0-liter engines developed by the Bavarian marque.

As always, take this rumor with the proverbial pinch of salt. Nothing is confirmed at this point, but we wouldn’t be surprised if BMW will indeed pull the plug. In the meantime, spy shots have revealed the roadster will be facelifted soon. Even if the report is accurate, you still have plenty of time to get a Z4 before production ceases.