One of the most iconic BMW models gets a refresh next year. To be sold as the 2025 BMW M5, the power sedan will bring to the table not only a fresh design, but also a unique drivetrain. For the first time, the BMW M5 will be powered by both a gasoline and an electric motor. The plug-in hybrid is inherited from the BMW XM delivering around 700 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque.

Plug-in Hybrid Drivetrain

While the drivetrain is certainly an exciting development in the evolution of the M5 towards full electrification, it’s the design that will excite people. Based on recent spy photos, the G90 2025 BMW M5 stays true to the proven recipe of the sports business sedan: long hood, short overhangs, massive shoulders and a “normal” front-end.

This new rendering aims to showcase this potential design, based on recent spy photos.  In contrast to recent BMW designs, the G90 M5 will stand out with a small, but motorsport-inspired kidney grille. The typical BMW double headlamps will be present as well, in a sleek and high-tech format. The lower front fascia will continue to offer massive air intakes and air curtains, much needed to cool the V8 engine under the hood. Judging by both recent spy photos and this render, it looks like the BMW M5 might be getting even sleeker and less muscular than the current car.

But the biggest news with the new generation G90 M5 is the addition of a touring model. Not only we will see yet another BMW M5 Touring, but chances are that it will end up in the United States as well. While the BMW M3 Touring didn’t make the cut – for various reasons – the G99 M5 Touring could become one of the most exciting M offerings for American customers.

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