I don’t know about you but I sort of love when enthusiasts mod convertibles. There are so many so-called purists that knock driving convertibles because they’re heavier, less rigid, and less cool. However, I love driving convertibles. So when I see something like a BMW M4 Convertible in a great color, with some cool mods, such as this BMW M4 Convertible, it makes me smile.

This specific M4 Convertible is painted in Daytona Violet, an excellent BMW M Individual color that’s been around for decades. It’s a classic M color and one that fans love, for good reason. It even makes the M4—not BMW’s best work—looks good. It also has Vorsteiner’s new grille insert for the M3 and M4, which adds a horizontal bar that bisects the grille, in an attempt to reduce its visual impact. And it does look better than stock. Furthermore, this purple M4 Convertible looks about as good as an M4 can look at the moment, especially sitting low on those wheels.

Photos by instagram.com/jrp_online and instagram.com/vorsteiner

This new Vorsteiner kit consists of three main components; the VRS Aero carbon fiber front spoiler, the VRS Aero carbon fiber decklid spoiler, and the VRS Aero carbon fiber front grille/ VRS Aero ABS front grille. The decklid and front spoilers are pretty typical aero bits, adding some more aggression and maybe some increased downforce.

I’ll admit that this specific BMW M4 Convertible is more attractive to me than something like an M4 Coupe. For starters, the BMW M4 is already massively heavy, so the added weight of the Convertible really isn’t making a difference in the real world. Secondly, the best combination of powertrain and drivetrain for the M3/M4 is Competition, automatic, xDrive, which is the only combination the M4 Convertible comes in.

Photos by instagram.com/jrp_online and instagram.com/vorsteiner

Lastly, the lack of roof will make the car so much more dramatic while driving quickly. It will add theater and character than the M4 Coupe lacks. Plus, it will probably drive just as well as the M4 Coupe does in most real-world conditions. The owner of this car (@yasplz_g83) is probably having more fun than most M4 Coupe owners who mock convertibles for being too heavy.

To learn more about the Vorsteiner M3/M4 aftermarket program, click here.

[Photos by instagram.com/jrp_online and instagram.com/vorsteiner]