Daytona Violet

BMW 750i Daytona Violet 13 750x500

2017 BMW 750i gets a special color – Daytona Violet

“It has the virtue of never having been tried,” says Chris Marino, General Sales Manager of Century West BMW, who introduces his latest build to BMWBLOG. “I knew that, historically, Daytona Violet, had been used…

Daytona Violet BMW F80 M3 gets some visual upgrades

Purple BMW M3 Gets HRE Wheels 9 750x500

Purple BMW M3 Gets HRE Wheels

Individual paint finishes go for $5,000 ensuring owners can showcase their personal preferences in the most unique ways. The owner of this BMW M3 went with a vibrant Daytona Violet exterior. Additionally, the owner decided to…

BMW M4 Daytona Violet 6 750x500

BMW M4 in Daytona Violet Individual Color

BMW Portland ordered – what seems to be – the first BMW M4 in Individual Color Daytona Violet. The beautiful shade of violet first appeared on the E36 M3 and it’s inspired by the famous…