At the moment, there are no Individual paint colors available on the BMW M2, for anyone who’s looking to order one early. Like with all BMWs, though, those Individual colors will come to the M2 eventually. And when they do, customers will be spoiled for choice. To prepare yourselves for such a time, check out these photoshopped images of the new M2 in various different Individual paints, from Bimmerpost user Alpine Boost.

There are several different colors to see, from different grays, to blacks, and blues. However, the spicier colors, like the different reds and purples are really what should interest most enthusiasts. BMW’s Individual program is extensive and has an outrageous amount of colors to choose from.

The colors in this gallery that I like most are the yellow and—to my surprise—the orange. There aren’t any names on the colors but the yellow looks like Dakar Yellow, which is one of my all-time favorite BMW colors (a sentiment I’m sure I share with many BMW enthusiasts).  Perhaps unsurprisingly, the new BMW M2 looks really good in Dakar Yellow. I say unsurprisingly because all cars look great in Dakar Yellow, it’s just such a fun color.

However, I also really like the orange that’s rendered here, too. It’s extremely fun but also a little bit spicier than the Dakar Yellow, so it makes it seem a bit sportier. I can’t tell if it’s fire orange or not, as it seems a bit lighter than that, but that might have been what the render artist was going for. However, I do think this color looks a bit different than Fire Orange and I actually sort of prefer it on the lighter side. It makes the M2 seem a bit more exotic and it works well with the new design.

Of course, it also looks great in purple. The BMW M240i’s best factory color is Thundernight, a metallic purple, so purple naturally works well on the M2. What’s interesting about the M2 is that lighter colors seem to work better, as they show off its muscular flanks more. Whereas the opposite is true for the BMW M3, where darker colors work better, so as to hide many of its awkward shapes (and especially its grille). So, I guess despite the mild criticism, the BMW M2 is a better looking car than the M3.

After seeing these renders, it’d be an absolute shame to see any M2 customers spec Alpine White, or something equally as boring. Get a fun color. What’s the point of owning a fun car in a boring color? If I sell a kidney and decide to buy an M2, I’m going yellow or orange and you can quote me on that.