How loud is too loud? Well, that depends on personal preferences. People who are not into cars are generally against aggressive exhaust systems while enthusiasts with an appetite for tuning enjoy them. Noise pollution or not, we can all agree this BMW M3 delivers a brutal soundtrack and gives a good impression of a machine gun.

Painted in San Marino Blue, this G80 has a straight-piped setup by removing the catalytic converter to let the S58 engine breathe better and provide a meaner noise. This sports sedan sounds particularly intoxicating at full blast around the Nürburgring where there obviously aren’t any speed restrictions to worry about. We’re being told the M3 has gone through more extensive changes as the twin-turbo inline-six engine now delivers a colossal 700 hp.

Those who prefer stock cars should know BMW is working on an M3 with a bit more attitude. Come 2023, a new CS will be revealed and it’s likely to have an upgraded exhaust. The M4 CSL has a bespoke lightweight exhaust with a titanium rear silencer shaving off four kilograms (nine pounds). It’s unclear whether the M3 CS will get the same setup, but rest assured the M division’s engineers will lend the super sedan a stronger tone.

Meanwhile, the adjacent video also shows an M2 Competition that had its catalytic converter removed as well and it too delivers a raspy soundtrack. Speaking of which, the sports coupe in the G87 generation debuts next week. Much like the M3/M4, it has already been confirmed to get the center-mounted quad tips as an upgrade from the vast M Performance Parts catalog.

You can rest assured there will still be plenty of BMW M cars with sporty soundtracks in the years to come as the M division has pledged to retain the inline-six and V8 engines until at least the end of the decade. However, the days are numbered for pure-gasoline M models since every new product launch from 2023 will have some sort of electrification baked in.

Source: CarSpotterQVS / YouTube